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Heart of the Maelstrom: Book 1: Turf-Chapter 1 by mrman9001 Heart of the Maelstrom: Book 1: Turf-Chapter 1 :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 Heart of the Maelstrom: Book 1: Turf-Prologue by mrman9001 Heart of the Maelstrom: Book 1: Turf-Prologue :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0
Generic origin story
The Book of the Journey
-Brinir, Triumvir of the First seat
Let it be remembered that we first saw light on Oasis
Oasis was a fertile paradise .Indeed never in all our efforts were we able to create a world to compare with that verdant world which first bore us.
There dwelt the Adamant, who are strong and noble; the Flux, ever cunning and artful; the  Aerin, , who sought for strength through understanding.; and the Seraphi, wise and powerful.
We began in peace.
But the peace was not to last. Envy, jealousy, and greed fueled the furnace of war between our peoples
The Seraphi Remained apart, and the Adamant fought only in defense of their holdings, but the Flux and the Aedrin grew ever more aggressive, continuing to develop increasingly destructive technologies to harness their powers
And at last we went too far. While the war was not of my making, I regretfully confess that I was one of the key progenitors of its end.
Our projects to harness the energy we call aether grew incr
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The Bang Should Surprise you
The Bang Should Surprise You
Your trigger pull should be gradual- so gradual that the bang should surprise you when it actually happens. That's what the Drill Instructor had told him his first day on the range.
It was crazy. Sergeant Peterson didn't care though. He stood in the dusty, ruined street, gripping his berretta loosely in a sweaty shaking hand. A cat's sorrowful low yowl rent the air. Peterson cringed with every wail.
Behind him, the convoy was halted, fifty cals pointed in all directions, an impromptu phalanx of interlocking fields of fire, ready to unleash fiery leaden death on any hostile element that might be hiding in the still, all concealing darkness behind the wrecked window panes, any one of which could conceal an RPG, aimed at the leading track and effectively blocking the convoy's ability to progress.
Drivers stared at him, some shouting, and gesticulating furiously for him to get back into his track. Where they could, Soldiers pressed their faces against the windo
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MOAR character concept art by mrman9001 MOAR character concept art :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 1 0 Dragoncat by mrman9001 Dragoncat :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 1 0 Graphs... by mrman9001 Graphs... :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 Meeka! by mrman9001 Meeka! :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 Mimir and Ardur Concepts by mrman9001 Mimir and Ardur Concepts :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 Gwea and Ardur by mrman9001 Gwea and Ardur :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 HOM Height Chart by mrman9001 HOM Height Chart :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 Together at last... by mrman9001 Together at last... :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 Concept Art1 by mrman9001 Concept Art1 :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0 HOM sketches by mrman9001 HOM sketches :iconmrman9001:mrman9001 0 0
Paradise Lost
The Last Days of the War/ Paradise Lost- A story from Memorium
Daddy comes home late every night. Sometimes I wait up for him, though I pretend I am asleep when momma checks on me.
There are always shadows under his eyes, and he never smiles, until he sees me. Then he smiles and calls me princess. "There's no such thing as princesses," I tell daddy. "But when I grow up, I want to be the Triumvirate." He laughs at that.
"You mean you want to be a Triumvir." He corrects me.
I think back to my lesson in school earlier that afternoon. "What's a Triumvir?" I ask.
"A triumvir," daddy explains, "is one of the three people in charge of us. Together, they are called the Triumvirate."
"I don't want to share with other people," I complain, "I want to do it myself." Daddy laughs and rubs my hair.
"You know," he says, "I work for the Triumvirate." This piques my curiosity. Daddy doesn't talk about work very often.
"What do you do?" I ask eagerly. Daddy looks around, nervously, then he lowers his vo
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I'm an author, not an artist, so forgive the sucky drawings and take a look at my stories instead. Please? Pretty please?


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